Established 2004
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    In 2003 Nathan (right) & Brian Samples started a team called the Cumming Barons and Jason Tolhurst (bottom) played on another team from Cumming called the Reds in the Stan Musial league.
    While playing in the unorganized bush league they both recognized they had some good players but neither team was good enough to make the playoffs.
   Jason had already made a decision to leave the Reds and a number of other players on the Reds wanted to follow suit & go where Jason went.
   In the off season Jason contacted Nathan & both decided to pool the best players together & merge as one good team.
   They had also decided to leave the Stan Musial league 
for another Atlanta league, the MABL.
   The Barons had 5 players & the reds came with 6. The new league required a 14 player minimum and with 2 of the Reds still at college they were able to add 3 more players to make the 14
player minimum.  All that was left was the name & they decided to call the new team the Georgia Barons.
   And so the MABL Georgia Barons was formed in 2004.
               The original Georgia Barons:

  Nathan Samples, Jason Tolhurst, Kevin Kelly, Kenny Chewning, John Swiger, Kevin Johnston, Jonus Lagana, Jeff Macy, Trey Fowler, Chad Shirley, Ryan Shirley, Rusty Collins, Phil Bennett, Joe Varner.
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Established 2004